Save time on your watch with our Serge platform

Improving performance through news monitoring can often takes time.
By researching current news, patents and scientific publications, Serge allows you to stay informed efficiently and gives you time to do something else

Follow RSS feeds
Follow the RSS feeds of your favourite newspapers. Only receive news that interests you, using keywords or combinations of keywords
Always stay informed about new patents. Sort the types of patents that interest you in very specific ways
Scientific publications
Receive the scientific pre-publications of ArXiv, as well as the free scientific publications. Select precisely which fields of research are important to you
Your news watch results can be communicated to you in different ways, directly from the web site of Serge, or via a newsletter, of which you can choose the criteria of sending
High customisation
On Serge, you can customise everything, depending on your needs and the time you can devote to your news watch. At any time you can change your options
Effective history
You can navigate through your history, to find articles that you have already received, thanks to a very efficient search engine and convenient criteria of sorting
RSS feed
Receive the results of your news watch from your favourite RSS reader
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Coming soon
In order to improve your search criteria, statistics about your news watch will be available on the option page
Track twitter
Make your news and branding watch on Twitter. Serge will search for all tweets that match your criteria and you will be able to see how your brand is perceived
A wiki will be set up, to classify, annotate and share the news, with your colleagues or in a totally public way
Alert by SMS
A feature of Serge allows you to receive news as soon as it is found, in the future you will be alerted of precise news directly by SMS

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